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Fixed Price Wasp Nest Removal

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For a single wasp nest treatment – £65

If you would like a nest treated and removed then it is £6 for the treatment. Also there is no need to remove a nest after treatment as it will not be reused.
Please bear in mind that all our Wasp nest removal’s in Kent have a full guarantee so if the nest is not destroyed on the first attempt then we will return FREE of charge.

How It Works

Wasp nest removal Kent will spray an insecticide called Ficam D which is only available to professionals, directly into the wasp nest and this will start to work within 10 minutes. The wasp nest will get less active and is often dead within an hour or so but this depends on the location and the size of the wasp nest.
We ask you leave it 24 hours to take full effect before calling wasp nest removal Kent back. 


If you would like to book a wasp nest removal then please contact us.


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