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Pest Control Edenbridge – Rats, Mice, Moles, Wasps & Squirrels

Rat and Mice Removal

During the winter months rodent activity increases as both rats and mice will look for a warm place to live during these colder months.

This includes nesting in loft spaces, wall cavities and under garden sheds to name a few.

Each of these scenarios needs a different approach to ensure the rodent control is fully effective.

Both rats & mice will cause a huge amount of damage to a property as they gnaw on electrical wiring to keep their teeth down. Rodents carry diseases like Leptospirosis which can passed on from contact with their urine or droppings.

Rat control can be particularly tricky due to their neophobia. This is when a rat becomes suspicious of any new bait, poison or trap presented to it by a Edenbridge pest control technician. It can take up to 10 days before a rat will accept a new object in its surroundings.

Both knowledge and experience is essential when trying to overcome these rat infestations.

Wasp Treatments £75

Between March and September wasps and hornets will nest on properties often stinging innocent victims as they go about their daily routine.

Our Edenbridge wasp nest removal service is charged at a fixed price of just £75.

The nest is treated with a professional strength wasp control insecticide which will eliminate all wasp and hornet activity with a few hours.

If a wasp nest is left untreated they will often work their way into the house later in the year causing huge problems for the homeowner. 

Any additional nests treated by our pest control Edenbridge technician will be charged at a discounted rate and all wasp control services are 100% guaranteed!

Mole Control Service

A single mole can devastate a lawn in just a few days by digging extensive tunnels and depositing the excess soil in huge mounds know as ‘mole hills’.

Catching moles is a skill often overlooked as many of our customers attempt to catch them with traps bought from garden centers or online. If a mole detects a foreign object inside its tunnel it will reject it.

Understanding the moles behavior is critical when carrying out mole control in Edenbridge. Our Pest control technicians are experts in quickly eradicating a mole infestation.

Unlike other companies Edenbridge pest control will only charge for what is caught with no setting up fees or charges for unsuccessful visits. This ensures our customers are fully aware of the cost before our mole
catcher begins his control.

Squirrel Catcher

Like all rodents Squirrels will exploit any chance they get to move in to a nice warm loft space. Normally via a
faulty fascia or slipped tiles. Once inside they will use the insulation to create what is known as a ‘drey’ or squirrel nest.

Just like rats a squirrel will gnaw on anything from water pipes to wires and have been known to cause house fires from such damage.

There are two parts to any Squirrel control we provide. The first is the catch the squirrels using instant kill traps. As they are not indigenous to the UK they cannot be released back into the wild.

The second step in to find how they were accessing the property and proof it ensuring no future infestations are likely to occur.

Your local pest experts operating in Edenbridge!

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